Greetings, Pastors and congregations supporting CHAI Immigrant Center ministries,

Thank you for praying!  With the departure of Shoaib Ebadi we asked you to pray that God would connect us with the person He was preparing for the role of CHAI Ministry Director (note the change from Executive Director).  We hardly dared to pray that, to have everything in place by Feb. 1, 2017 at the latest, would be an added blessing, Lord…

unnamedOur God is great and to Him belongs the glory for bringing to us Arisnel Mesidor, an immigrant to Canada from Haiti some 12 years ago.  Arisnel will add CHAI Ministry Director work to his current responsibilities as Migration & Resettlement Program Coordinator with Menno
nite Central Committee (MCC) Manitoba.  From his role with MCC you can see that Arisnel has an excellent knowledge and understanding of immigrants’ needs and community resources.  We look forward to his leadership as CHAI Immigrant Centre volunteers continue to connect and build relationships with newcomers and as the organization seeks to grow and remain current with immigration trends and new immigrants’ needs and situations.

As far as timing is concerned, God again did much above that which we hardly dared to ask – Arisnel will begin his work with CHAI Immigrant Center this week, allowing 2 weeks of cross-over time with the current Interim Director, before Feb. 1.  Our God is great and He’s our loving Heavenly Father.


– Ann Penner,
Board Chair for CHAI Immigrant Centre


anna-textThe CHAI Journey

I was honoured to be hired as program assistant with CHAI in September 2015, and faithfully join an amazing ministry that shines the love of Jesus Christ to all newcomers in Winnipeg. Having lived in Italy and raised by amazing parents who immigrated to Canada I can relate with our participants who struggle with learning a new language, finding employment, leaving family back home and integrating to a new country. Every Friday evening I
have the opportunity to greet many newcomers who are looking for a place to feel part of a community, develop new friendships and learn Canadian lifestyles and traditions. At the end of the evening it is a blessing to see participants leave the centre with glowing smiles, telling me how great they feel after attending CHAI. Thank you for faithfully partnering with CHAI and making a difference to help many newcomers in Winnipeg who have an opportunity to experience the love of Jesus Christ.


Program Report

We have been enjoying the interaction with the participants at CHAI as we share our Canadian customs with them and explain our National holidays. The participants struggle as newcomers to Winnipeg to learn English and a new culture in Canada. There is a lot of fun and laughter as we share new foods such as cranberry sauce, roast turkey, and pumpkin pie. We had a lot of fun carving pumpkins, and of course eating pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pie and pumpkin seeds. We have enjoyed learning English with word games and charades. I am amazed at how many countries are represented in our program. Just last week we had people from Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Chad, and Eritrea. It brings me great joy to be able to help them adapt to life in Canada.

– Joyce Baardman,
CHAI Board Member